The aim of our educational activity with regard to academic bodies is to bring handwriting analysis to a higher scientific level. We hold lectures for academic and non-academic organisations; we give presentations in university seminars and support students with their bachelor and master theses.

Lectures, Seminars & Workshops

10-14 April 2017. Kiev Taras Shevchenko University, Faculty for Psychology
Dr. Yury Chernov: A series of lectures and Workshops “Assessment with handwriting analysis”

23 March 2017. Zurich University, German Seminar
Seminar by Prof. Dr. Christa Dürscheid
Dr. Yury Chernov: “Modern Graphology: Potential and Limits”

14 November 2016. Zürich University, Institute for Industrial and Organisational Psychology
Seminar by Prof. Dr. Martin Kleinmann
Dr. Marie Anne Nauer: “Introduction into Handwriting Analysis”

Student support

We support students with their PHD/ Master or Bachelor Thesis.

IHS Seminar

With our free seminar meetings, we are establishing a platform for professional exchange on specific topics.