The Institute was founded in 2016 with the major aim to promote and conduct research into different aspects and application fields of handwriting (both off-line and on-line writing modalities) and to establish profound connection to academic bodies <…..>

Handwriting is a product of brain activity and its control over fine motorics. It is individual and relatively stable. It differs from other fine motoric skills in that it is always related to a cognitive load. The research of handwriting covers all its aspects: neurological, motoric (dynamic), written text analysis (static), social, culturological <…..>

The aim of our educational activity with regard to academic bodies is to bring handwriting analysis to a higher scientific level. We hold lectures for academic and non-academic organisations; we give presentations in university seminars and support students with their bachelor and master theses <…..>

Competence Center for Computer Methods in Handwriting
The intention of the competence center is to establish a knowledge base for computer-aided systems supporting handwriting research. This knowledge center pursues the objectives of analysis of current development trends, evaluation and choice of proper software for specific research purposes, establishing a discussion to enable exchange and to provide a reference point, and coordination the development effort by specialists and students <…..>

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