Optometric Handwriting Analysis

Using Computerized Optometric Handwriting Analysis in Psychological Assessment, Computer Comparative Graphometry in the IPCH Research

Dalibor Kučera, Ph.D.
University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic


In Chernov, Y., & Nauer, M. A. (Eds.). (2018). Handwriting Research: Validation & Quality. P. 118-133.

The paper deals with the relationship between handwriting and the selected personality characteristics of its writer using modern graphometric methods. It introduces the IPCH research (Interpersonal Characteristics in Handwriting) and its tool used for the scientific description of handwriting, computer comparative graphometry. The analysis consists of optometric processing of handwriting materials obtained from 42 participants. Texts have been produced in a controlled setting on the university premises. Collecting the handwriting samples followed the same requested scenario, i.e. rewriting a well-known Czech song. Afterward, psychological tests, SSI (Social Skills Inventory) and ICL (Interpersonal Check List), focusing on personality characteristics, were administered within the diagnostic part of the research. Research findings point to various correlations between many personality characteristics and graphometric parameters. Among the most significant are the findings that the form of handwritten material is probably related to dominant personality traits, cold directness and aggression, protective tendencies, self-control in the social context, and conformity. The most important handwriting parameters are the width of letters “a”, “o” and “m”, letter size, letter spacing, and letter height (especially for two-zone letters, e.g. “h”). In conclusion, research results suggest that the study of handwriting, as a source of psychologically relevant information, has significant potential and may be of great interest for further academic research.

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