Graphotherapy as Instrument to Resocialize  Ex-convicts

Dr. Ilse Calen
Independent expert, San Paulo, Brazil

DOI: 10.61246/ihs2/ic129166

In Chernov, Y., & Nauer, M. A. (Eds.). (2023). Handwriting Research: Forensics & Legal. P. 129-166.

Society in general faces a big problem in not knowing what to do with a person who infringed the standards established by the State because even after having completed his sentence, he has the stigma of an ex-convict. The reconstitution of the subjectivity of such an individual is a challenge that instigated the author to implement a project to make it possible to reinsert ex-prisoners into society. The Project “The Encounter with my true SELF” (“O Encontro com o meu verdadeiro E”), a pilot study initiated by the author, aims at giving back and/or giving new significance to the identity of the participants through graphotherapy, as an integral part of resocialization and integration in the job market of ex-convicts. Since its implementation in 2010, the project had, on average 100 participants per year, of which, approximately 85% were reintegrated into the social coexistence.
The present project aims to consolidate and/or explore a new research perspective together with the ex-prisoners released from the prison system, with the focus on reconstructing their identity, re-signifying their beliefs and values, strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence, and looking for, above all, the enhancement of their potential as the individual. That is, through Graphotherapy the participant will have the possibility to return to his identity as a citizen, promoting thus his resocialization and his reintegration into the job market.

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