The Institute was founded in 2016 with the major aim to promote and conduct research into different aspects and application fields of handwriting (both off-line and on-line writing modalities) and to establish profound connection to academic bodies.

The major activities of the institute:

  • Research into different aspects of the handwriting (neuropsychological, medical, historical, educational etc.)
  • Research into the validation of handwriting psychology as an assessment instrument
  • Promotion of scientific handwriting analysis within academic bodies and academic life
  • Support of practitioners of handwriting analysis
  • Spreading of knowledge with respect to handwriting sciences


1960. The “Society for the Promotion of Scientific Graphology” was established with the aim of strengthening the contact to industry and promoting the spread of graphological knowledge.

1979. The “Society for the Promotion of Scientific Graphology” was integrated into the Swiss Graphological Society (SGG).

1994. Dr. Adreas Bürgi formed a working group within the SGG for the “Support of Research with Regard to Handwriting Analysis “; this group was later reformed into a “Commission for Research & Quality Assurance “.

2016. The above mentioned Commission was restructured and bears the title “Institute for Handwriting Sciences”; it conducts handwriting research that takes into account all related aspects and fields and establishes a profound connection to academic bodies.

Our Partners

One of the major targets of IHS is the active cooperation with our partners in research, education and industry. Such combined and concentrated efforts, all related to handwriting, allow different specialists to pursue the same goal.

University Zürich, Switzerland
ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Ukraine
State Employment Service Training Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University, Kaluga, Russia
Centre for psychological innovations, Moscow Socio-economic Institute

Schweizerischer Berufsverband für Angewandte Psychology (SPAB)
Swiss Graphological Society (SGG)
European Society for Handwriting Psychology (ESHP)
European Deontological Association for Graphologist (ADEG)

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