Handwriting Analysis Software

The handwriting analysis software includes two categories:

  • Fully automated handwriting analysis based on the processing of scanned specimens.
  • Hybrid systems that suppose the manual analysis of the text and evaluation of the handwriting signs as well as the computerised evaluation of psychological traits.

Automated Systems

The major development and application area is computer science. The handwriting part is typically not well designed, as it is still not possible to automatically evaluate an appropriate number of handwriting signs. That is why the developers restrict the systems to just a dozen of the most simple handwriting signs. Nevertheless, the further development may be interesting if the computer methods are capable of covering more handwriting features and prove themselves to be more reliable.

Selected systems

AHWAS Automated Handwriting Analysis System (National Institute for Technology in Mongalore, India)
CAG Computer-Aided Graphology (New-York University in Buffalo, USA)
CEDAR-FOX (New-York University in Buffalo, USA)


Hybrid-systems are more focused on the handwriting part. They are as good as the built-in and programmed sets of handwriting signs as well as the psychological traits and the connections between them. The existing systems cover a wide spectrum, ranging from primitive to very complicated.

Selected Systems

HSDetect (Switzerland)
GraphoPro (Switzerland)
Handwriting Analyst (USA)
Handwriting Analyzer (USA)
Grafol (Spain)
GRAF-2000 (Italy)